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Endangered Elephants: Past, Present and Future

In 2003 the Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust hosted the Symposium on Human-Elephant Relations and Conflicts in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Edited by Jayantha Jayawardene, the conference proceedings were published as Endangered Elephants: Past, Present and Future.

Endangered Elephants

Many of the world’s leading elephant experts presented papers on elephants in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, covering topics on┬ábehaviour, captive management, conflict with humans, conservation projects and policies, crop-raiding, demography, genetics, habitat use, and social organization. For abstracts of the papers, see:


Elephant Breeding Program Begins in Laos

report by PhD candidate Ingrid Suter at the University of Queensland, who is working in conjunction with Elefant Asia and Elephant Conservation Center. This article describes Ingrid’s research on captive elephant management in Laos, and reports on the newly opened Elephant Conservation Center, includes link to photo gallery.