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Food, Ritual and Interspecies Intimacy in the Chitwan Elephant Stables

Photo essay in volume 2, issue 2 of The South Asianist, an open access journal produced by the Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Developed from a photographic exhibition at the University of Canterbury in October 2012, this essay documents feeding practices and sacrificial rituals at the government elephant stables in Chitwan, Nepal.

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See: South Asianist photo-essay


The challenge of managing domesticated Asian elephants in Nepal – Fanindra R. Kharel

Here’s a link to the 2002 article on captive elephants in Nepal that appeared in Giants on Our Hands: Proceedings of The International Workshop on The Domesticated Asian Elephant, Bangkok, Thailand, 5 to 10 February 2001. It contains lots of useful information about the recent history of captive elephants in Nepal, including the establishment of the Khorsor Breeding Center,  data on the declining wild elephant population, captive elephants held in public and private locations, and births of captive elephants.



Endangered Elephants: Past, Present and Future

In 2003 the Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust hosted the Symposium on Human-Elephant Relations and Conflicts in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Edited by Jayantha Jayawardene, the conference proceedings were published as Endangered Elephants: Past, Present and Future.

Endangered Elephants

Many of the world’s leading elephant experts presented papers on elephants in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, covering topics on behaviour, captive management, conflict with humans, conservation projects and policies, crop-raiding, demography, genetics, habitat use, and social organization. For abstracts of the papers, see:

Man and Beast- Nepal can be proud of its Tharu elephant handlers

2006 article from the Nepali Times  by Piers Locke


Documentary film ‘Servants of Ganesh’ reviewed in Humanimalia by Nigel Rothfels

Review of ethnographic documentary about captive elephant management in Chitwan, Nepal. Directed by Mark Dugas.


Photographs of King George V’s elephant-back hunting trip in Nepal in 1911

A series of 50 photographs depicting the hunting expedition of 1911 in Nepal’s Tarai, at which King George V was an honoured guest.

Hunting party on elephants fording a river

Hunting party on elephants fording a river

Chitwan Elephant Stables Photo Gallery

A series of photographs from Piers Locke’s ethnographic research in Chitwan, Nepal, 2003-4

Misty Winter Morning at the Khorsor Elephant Breeding Center

Misty Winter Morning at the Khorsor Elephant Breeding Center